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A profit-conscious professional with a 32-year history of positive outcomes in the areas of Supply Chain and Asset Management, Diversity growth, healthcare, energy generation, governmental contracts, Statements of works, contractual terms, and assisting organizations to integrate procurement and manage costs by increasing their sustainable resources. Specialized skills in the design and implementation of programs and procedures for all aspects of project deliverables.

Songow was Founded in 2016 with headquarters in Kansas City MO.

Songow personnel has been helping companies across various industries to address their challenges spanning the entire spectrum of supply chain management. We help our clients to improve management of the inbound movement of raw materials, inventory and planning of internal processing of materials into finished goods, and the movement of finished goods out of the organization and toward the end consumer. As our clients strive to focus on core competencies and become more flexible, Songow helps them to examine and redesign their operations to be more efficient.

Areas of our work in the supply chain include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics and Transportation Management
  • Operations Planning
  • Distribution Management
  • Payment Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supplier Management/Diversity
  • Managing Uncertainty

More About Songow Consulting

We Assist Your Business Succeed

Songow has been on the forefront of helping the creating business through innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Through our experiences as senior executives at leading companies, we recognized the need for and understood the benefits of Supply Chain Management (SCM) allowing us to achieve results faster or explore new areas more quickly. We also experienced the pains of slowing market demand and the subsequent pressure to reduce headcount, while faced with the need to do more with less.

We developed our business by focusing on our clients’ needs. Our strong consulting and operational experience enable effective teaming with our clients to achieve results.

Companies realize that they simply cannot hire enough full-time resources to meet their business challenges as they compete in a faster, more global economy. Project and interim professionals will continue to play an increasingly more important role in the world of business.

Our Experience with Supply Chain Management

Major Issues Facing Supply Chain Managers

  • Managing customer expectations. Supply Chain Managers are a service provider.
  • Managing suppliers. Along with managing customer expectations comes managing suppliers.
  • Maintaining quality and sustainability.
  • Access to data
  • Risk mitigation
  • Managing uncertainty

How do you manage uncertainty in a supply chain?

Specific solutions or innovations cited to reduce uncertainty across the supply chain include expanded use of production data and capabilities as well as updating and implementing tools and techniques such as warehouse management systems, transportation management, and supplier relationship management.

What are the foundations of the supply chain?

Our three fundamentals of great supply chain management excellence are strategy, service, and cost.

REACTIVE Supply Chain Strategy              

  • 40% of companies don’t use statistical modeling to plan for future demand.
  • Uncertain demand requires capital to be tied up in reserve inventory.
  • Operational improvements based on guesswork or imitating competitors
  • Customer service and on-time delivery dependent on guesswork.
  • Frequent, unexpected changes in supply and demand require rapid, disruptive responses costs 7-15% more.

DATA-DRIVEN Supply Chain Strategy

  • Best practices and new technologies can lead to a 25% improvement in forecast accuracy.
  • Data-driven supply chains reduce safety stock requirements by 27%
  • A data-driven approach helps even best-in class manufacturing operations find new ways to improve efficiency
  • Better data improves outbound logistics and increases on-time delivery by 9%.
  • 69% of companies that invest in the supply chain report profits (EBIT margin) well above 21%

The Four Main Supply Chain Challenges Companies Face Today

  • Overlooking the continued growth of e-commerce as a channel in the industrial sector.
  • Inattention to potential risks.
  • Unrealistic assumptions that supply chain management technologies will fix everything.
  • Overreliance on past performance to predict future sales.

Here are 8 tips to reduce your supply chain costs.

  1. Focus on the Customer.
  2. Supply Chain Strategy.
  3. Make Better Use of Space.
  4. Sales and Operations Planning.
  5. Supply Chain Network Design.
  6. Move Supplies Faster.
  7. Automation.
  8. Outsourcing Supply Chain Operation/Management.

 Songow’s Industry Experience

  • Agriculture
  • Construction/renovation
  • Distribution
  • Financial Services (Forecasting/budgeting)
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Homeowner Services
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Payment Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supplier Management

Let us know how we can help your organization deliver the results you are looking for.

My Goals

Songow is about connecting with clients and businesses to assess their needs and providing solutions where accommodations must be made for unique challenges that may arise for their current and future clientele.

Songow provides Business Consulting and Disability Consulting services, and sometimes these two aspects of our business cross over. The owner, Robert, is Disabled. We’ve built this website not only to tell you about the nature of our business, but also to serve as a resource to educate the public on issues that people with disabilities face, and to present you with information on ways to help make the world more accessible and amenable.

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