Benefits of Accessibility

Small businesses often face additional challenges when working to become ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act (

Having a Disability Friendly Workplace
Throughout most of human history, people with disabilities were segregated from the rest of society. Initially, because the thinking at the time was that they could not contribute to society or worse, were a burden to society.

In more recent times attitudes changed about how productive people with disabilities could be.

With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities are making significant contributions in the workforce, for their employers, and for society in general.

The Bottom line Benefits to Your Business of Creating a Disability Friendly Workplace

  • Cash – tax credits and other incentives for hiring people with disabilities or making your business more accessible (Go Here to calculate possible incentives for your company)
  • Expand your market. Customers with disabilities, their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. Studies indicate that many consumers (87%, in a national survey) prefer to work with or spend money in businesses that include employees with disabilities
  • Reduce turnover costs: As a group, people with disabilities have higher than average retention rates, meaning fewer turnovers and less expense for your business.
  • Increase innovation and problem solving skills are highly prized. People with disabilities are innate problems solvers – they have to be – and they bring that ability with them to work.
  • Training may also be part of the deal if you are working with the Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation* or one of the many not-for-profit Supported Employment agencies throughout the state.

  • Improve accessibility for employees and customers.
  • Position your company as an “employer of choice” and thereby attract highly skilled, diverse job applicants.
  • Improve employee health and well-being by increasing the likelihood that employees with non-apparent disabilities will disclose them to their supervisor or HR department reducing stress.
  • Increase employee job satisfaction, engagement and productivity.
  • Reduce lost productivity due to turnover and absenteeism.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring People With Disabilities


If you have considered or are considering hiring someone with a disability, here are some helpful links: