Business Consulting

Business Consulting with SONGOW

One of the most important factors in the success of your business comes down to how efficient your Supply Chain Management is. Your internal customers’ needs are constantly changing, which means you need a supply chain that is optimally designed to keep up and give you end-to-end visibility at a lower operating cost. From cash flow to inventory forecasting, we work with you to design your supply chain network, while making sure you get the most flexibility at costs you need. Through integrating with your current controls or implementing innovative systems and tools that drive data, we create a culture of continuous improvement. With an efficient transportation network and supply chain, you will be better equipped to speed products to market, drive growth, and focus on your customers.

Our experienced supply chain experts can help you optimize your network and provide you with more time to focus on your core business.

We have seen an increased demand for key strategic sourcing skillsets as clients are asked to deliver even greater savings during these trying times. This increased demand is also driven by efforts to properly align their organizations to be even better strategic partners to the business and maximize results.

How SONGOW Can Help Your Business

Songow assists small and large companies with the planning, development, and execution involving all capital acquisitions, contract agreements, and daily operations. We can be the entity responsible to achieve goals, mutually agreed upon with management. Our goal is to assist your organization to maximize the outcomes of your company.

Songow has an efficient, flexible process to help clients understand all aspects of daily operations for a project’s success. Our project team will quickly engage the client to:


The approach we follow is a proven concept – Current State Analysis/Gap Analysis/Future State Design across People, Process, and Technology in Procurement. We work with your Management and we all mutually agree and define an end-state where:

Future State

To assist the Company to develop a new Procurement Organization design that is centered around key best practices including Category Management, Technology Enablement, Skills Development, and Process Improvement. This transformation will set the Company on the path toward:

  • Procurement would have the personnel, skills, and bandwidth to execute Strategic Sourcing and tactical buys
  • They would manage strategic categories centrally
  • The company would reduce all maverick spend
  • Procurement would be viewed as a value-added partner by the Business
  • 100% spend through Procurement
  • 100% Spend Transparency
  • Leveraging spend across the entire enterprise and the use of technology sourcing platforms to deliver measurable savings over the next three years
  • Most importantly, the new organization is positioned to be a value-added partner to the business and an important component of the overall sustainable strategy

Define Requirements

  • Define project scope, timeline and budget
  • Determine necessary skill set and experience levels required
  • Understand any engagement restrictions

Select & Engage

  • Present qualified, available candidates
  • Conduct selection interviews
  • Obtain additional background information if needed
  • Select the best-suited candidate(s)
  • Contract with Songow for engagement

Evaluate Engagement

  • Evaluate performance
  • Transition project to company 

Match Potential Candidates

  • Match Talent Network professionals with appropriate skills and experience
  • Determine availability and interest
  • Screen selected candidates
  • Recruit aggressively if required

Execute Engagement

  • On-board resource(s)
  • Agree on engagement plan
  • Kick-off engagement
  • Execute against deliverables


  • Assist with the planning of operations from the beginning to implementation.
  • Coordinate between the different departments/stakeholders to maximize outcomes.

Total Supply Chain Management process inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Total RFP and Bid process, including Evaluation of Bids
  • Provide custom Contract Templates
  • Assist in Resolving disputes between departments to minimize financial risk and avoid delays.
  • Identify contract Synergies.
  • Negotiate Contract and Payment Terms to reduce liability and increase favorable outcomes.
  • Provide Project Management services.
  • Coordinate with legal counsel, if necessary.
  • Assist with budgeting and forecasting.
  • Assist with obtaining funding for projects.
  • Monitor Contract terms to increase the efficiency of the company.
  • Review and renegotiate all current and future contracts for better outcomes.
  • Assist in Diverse Supplier development and ADA requirements.
  • Assist in Resolving disputes that arise between departments to minimize financial risk and avoid delays.
  • Provide status reports as requested.
  • Assist in establishing inventory control levels.